Where Will You Go If You Sell Your Home?

Where Will I Go If I Sell My House?

The real estate market has been overheated for many months now. The supply of available homes has not been able to keep up with demand. While this situation is improving, supply and demand are still out of balance, making buying a house in Atlanta a challenging task.

If you are contemplating selling, you may be holding off because you don’t think you will be able to find your next place. Kurzner Group is ready to help you find your new home in Atlanta.

There are alternatives, from townhomes to new homes to custom-built homes to resales. There are options out there and we can help you find them. That’s what we do!

Connect with us today and let’s see what you need in your next home, and let’s get busy finding the perfect place for you. Now is the time to start. Interest rates are expected to rise, which can dramatically reduce how much home you can afford. Let’s talk!

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