Tips for Selling Your Atlanta House

Tips for Selling Your Atlanta House

There are so many factors that come into play when selling your house. Here are three simple things you can do that will have huge impact.

1. Price Your House Right

Have you ever seen a product you liked but when you looked at the price tag, it was priced so high, you set it back down and walked away without a second thought? The price was beyond anything you would consider reasonable or in your price range. Instead of trying to negotiate with the seller of the product, you didn’t think there was any chance of getting the item for a price you would be willing to pay. The seller lost you as a sale.

The same thing can happen when you price your house too high. Buyers today start searches online, often by searching based on location and then by price. If a buyer was approved for a mortgage amount of $400,000, and they planned to put 20% down, they would probably search for homes $500,000 and under. If you have a house worth $495,000, but you decide to price it at $510,000 because you hope to get a few extra dollars, your house will never show up in the searches that potential buyers are doing. If you instead price your house at the current market price, you are much more likely to attract buyers.

When you price a house right, you will attract more buyers, who in turn are more willing to make offers. If you get multiple offers, you may receive above-asking-price offers as a bidding war ensues, helping you to get the price you wanted.

On the other hand, if you price a house too low, and the market is soft, you may not get many buyers making offers, and you run the risk of selling the house for a price that is less than you could have gotten if you priced the house at its true value.

A real estate agent will help you price your house right, so that you attract the right buyers at the right price.

2. Stay Grounded and Keep Your Emotions in Check

If you have lived in your home for years, you probably have countless memories and emotions attached to your home. Those memories can cloud your judgment when you are setting a price for your house. The value you place on a house where you have raised a family for years, for example, means nothing to the next family that will move in.

You must price the house based on its fair market value. It’s a house. It has walls, and space, and utility, and that’s what determines the price. Your memories are priceless, but to you alone. Cherish them and know that those can never be taken away. You take that value with you for the rest of your life. The next owner of your home does not get to buy your memories. They will be making their own memories.

Price your house based on the current fair market value, as determined by what buyers are paying for other similar homes in your area.

3. Stage Your House to Stand Out

When a buyer comes to view your house for the first time, it better “wow” them, or you have probably lost that buyer. You wow buyers by creating a space buyers can picture themselves living in.

By furnishing the house with tasteful furniture and decorative items, you create a desirable product. If your house is empty because you have already moved out, consider using a staging company to bring in furnishings. This can make an empty structure look like an inviting home.

If you still have your belongings in the house, you must declutter. Too much of your stuff will distract buyers and make your house look less than inviting. Box personal items and store them out of sight. If you have too much junk, consider temporary storage off-site.

Clean your house. Clean it deeply. Make it sparkle. Clean in places you haven’t cleaned in years. You don’t want a dust bunny in the corner, or smudges on windows to kill a sale. But guess what? That’s exactly what can happen. Dirty houses can turn off potential buyers. The house itself may be the best floor plan and highest quality construction, but some buyers can’t see beyond the dust.

There are many more things you can do to sell your house. Kurzner Group will help you determine what is needed to get your house sold fast and for the highest price. Connect with us to sell your Atlanta house today.

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