Should You Wait Until Spring to Sell Your House in 2022?

The “old” wisdom (from a just a couple of years ago) was to wait until Spring to sell your house. Buyer interest was traditionally rising during Spring. “Nobody” was looking for houses during the gloomy, cold Winter.

Well, forget that old wisdom because today, in 2022, the buyers are out in force, desperate to find a house somewhere in Metro Atlanta that they can buy, at an affordable price.

Three forces are making selling during Winter a viable solution if you have an Atlanta house to sell now.

  1. Shortage of Houses. For a number of reasons, the supply of available houses is the lowest it has been in years. When supply is low, you can normally sell for a higher price. And you can likely sell faster.
  2. Your “Competitors” Are Waiting. Sellers who subscribe to the old wisdom of selling houses in the Spring are waiting to put their house on the market. With this lower competition, your house will be more visible to buyers who are looking now.
  3. Mortgage Rates Are Rising. Mortgage rates are still low, but they are rising and the long-term expectation is that rates will continue to rise. This anticipated rate increase will encourage buyers to buy now, rather that wait and risk paying more to borrow money later.

The bottom line is that, if you are able, put your Atlanta house on the market now, during Winter. There’s very little advantage, if any, to waiting until Spring or Summer.

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