Making Your Home Sell Faster With A Virtual Tour

Selling Your Home Faster with Virtual Tours

Today, home buyers typically start their search online, looking at pictures. Pictures are great, but there’s an even better option for making your house stand out online: virtual tours.

At Kurzner Group, when we sell a property for a client, we use a Matterport 3D camera to create a virtual tour. This allows home buyers to “walk” through the house, looking at the details they want to see, not just the ones that the photographer picked out. Because the camera rotates and captures the rooms in three dimensions, buyers can look at an infinite number of angles and distances, move around the rooms, go to different floors, and even outside to the yard.

These virtual tours are made available on the listings services, so other agents and their clients can quickly and easily view the tour and get a sense of your home before they take an in-person tour. This makes your home more accessible to home buyers who may not otherwise be able to tour it physically.

These 3D tours are just one of the many extra steps that Kurzner Group takes to sell your home faster and at the highest price possible.

If you want this type of extra marketing care applied to the sale of your home, connect with us to see if we would be a good fit to sell your home.

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