Homeownership Is Still The American Dream

Homeownership Is Still The American Dream

What do people consider the biggest sign of financial success in the US? A recent survey revealed that homeownership was the #1 sign.

There’s good reason behind this perception: Owning your own home is a major contributing factor to personal wealth. Homeowners are much more likely to have greater wealth than someone who rents their living space. When you own, you are building equity as you pay down your loan. Renters pay someone else’s mortgage. And when you own you will likely have more money left over to save or invest than someone who is renting, thereby increasing your net worth further.

Owning your home allows you to control your housing costs. If you have a fixed mortgage rate, your loan payments will remain the same for as much as 30 years (not including taxes and insurance, which may increase over time). Renters almost universally face regular increases in rent payments.

Buying a home and paying it off provide you with a great sense of accomplishment. We all need something to be proud of, and owning your own home is one of the biggest!

Having a place that you can truly call your own helps provide you with a stable environment for your family. Stability gives people better mental health, and we all need that, especially now!

Take the time to explore your options to own your own home. Kurzner Group helps people in Atlanta to buy a home or sell a home. If you’re curious, connect with us and let’s see if we’re a good fit to help you find a place you can purchase and call your own. No obligation.

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