A Real Estate Agent is Your Expert Guide Through Your Home Sale

A Real Estate Agent Is Your Expert Guide Through Your Home Sale

Many people think of real estate agents as just a “house lister,” someone who puts a house on the multiple listing service and sits back, waiting for a sale. While this may be true for some agents, Kurzner Group is actively working to help make your sale a roaring success.

We help you do many things during the sales process including:

  • Setting the right price. Pricing your home correctly is critical to assure that you get the highest possible price for your home and that your house attracts buyers quickly. Price a house to low, you risk giving up profit. Price it too high and buyers won’t even see your house when they search online.
  • Market effectively. Your house has to stand out from the crowd. Thousands of houses are on the market in Atlanta at any given time. How does yours stand out? Part of our job is to make sure your house gets noticed above all others.
  • Show the property. Of course, a house must be shown to buyers. When we bring a buyer to the table, we show the home. If another agent brings a buyer, we coordinate with them to make sure they can show the property.
  • Negotiate for maximum results. Sales happen during productive negotiations. We regularly handle sales with multiple, even dozens, of offers. We maximum your sales price by carefully handling negotiations. And we will help you deal with the specific details of the offers, so that you don’t end up with a bad deal.
  • Communicate with agents. As a sale progresses, part of our job is to communicate and coordinate with other agents. This may be by phone, email, text, fax or other forms of communications.
  • Communication with you. Of course, you are our highest priority. We represent your interests and communicating openly and regularly with you is central to a good sale.
  • Coordinate inspections and other parties. We help facilitate the many interactions with your home, including home inspections, repairs, showing, etc.

You hire an agent for much more than just listing a house. An agent makes your life simpler, helps maximize your sales price, gets your home sold faster, and ultimately creates a positive and rewarding experience.

Connect with us to see if Kurzner Group is a good fit to help you sell your home in Atlanta.

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