4 Reasons Selling Your House During the Holidays in 2021 is a Good Idea

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that houses don’t sell during the holidays, especially this year.

  1. Hungry buyers are gobbling up home as fast as they come on the market right now. The lack of housing supply, coupled with low mortgage rates has created one of the hottest selling markets in years. Buyers will not stop searching for a house, even with the holidays upon us.
  2. If you have your house decorated for the holidays, this shows off the house in a very favorable light (no pun intended). Seeing a home with cheery decorations, especially if done tastefully, can make a home very inviting and may help potential buyers to see themselves enjoying future holidays there.
  3. Potential buyers may be feeling the pinch of not having enough space for holiday gatherings with family and friends. This serves to drive additional buyers to the market as they seek a larger space, or one more conducive to entertaining and welcoming loved-ones. If you can show off your house as a future gathering spot, buyers will practically fall over themselves to make an offer on your house.
  4. Just because the holidays are here doesn’t make buyers stop wanting to find a new home of their own. The desire to have a place of your own is a strong drive, and it does not fade during the holidays. Buyers are always searching for a home.

And here’s a bonus reason the holidays are a good time to sell your house: buyers have time off during this time of year. Of course they are enjoying family time, but that also means they have time during which they can search for a home. If you make your house available during that time, you may have fewer homes competing for buyer’s dollars.

Don’t pass up this time to get your Atlanta house sold.

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